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The Islamic nation (IS), a militant group on Thursday, claimed it had killed two Chinese people kidnapped in Quetta last month.

China and Pakistan both claimed that two Chinese teachers were kidnapped.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement released Friday evening that the Chinese government is working to confirm the authenticity of the Chinese death.

"We are in constant contact with the Chinese government," the statement said.

Senior officials said Dawn.com, which asked for anonymity, is under investigation for IS claims.

Inter-Services Public Relations unveiled details of a three-day visit to Mastung in Balochistan earlier this month aimed at "facilitators" in which security forces killed 12 "hardcore terrorists" including two suicide bombers.

An official said the vehicle used to kidnap the Chinese was discovered during the Mastun operation. "We can not confirm what the IS is claiming," he said.

According to the Associated Press, two security officials in Islamabad added that no bodies were found during the ongoing investigation.

Hu Jintao, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said yesterday that Xinhua said the Chinese government is requesting information from the Pakistani authorities.

In a news briefing, Chunying told the Chinese authorities that the Pakistani authorities were "kidnapped" by the kidnapped teacher.

"We have written a related report, and we have expressed serious concern," he said. "We have been trying to rescue two former hostages."

CCTV footage shows Chinese people abducted cars.- Security source.
CCTV footage shows Chinese people abducted cars.- Security source.
Both men and women were Chinese teachers of private language schools in Quetta. They were kidnapped near Jinnah Town on May 24th when police officers stopped the car.

The bystander who tried to intervene was shot and wounded while rescuing the third person.

A late Thursday statement from IS News Agency said two Chinese teachers were killed.

Thousands of Chinese work in Pakistan and are sometimes the target of militants.

The National Security Council reassessed the security of the Chinese - Pakistani economic corridor project and the Chinese - based Chinese people as Beijing 's concern about the two people abducted.

After the kidnapping, 11 Chinese residents living in close security went to Karachi and left for China.

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